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Tell me about you Thor?

“The challenge with this question is, so many life experiences have brought you or me to our current position that it can be tricky to know which story to tell.

My story? Well, some good and plenty of dubious choices are involved… painfully shy hippy kid chose to stay that way & used alcohol to mask it for years, Personal Trainer and performance coach learned a secret to satisfied clients (no real secret -> listening and high energy coaching!),  early days MMA involvement taught me Praxis, drama school and professional acting brought lessons in humility and performance discipline, failed (drugged/delusional) singer learned that some talents can’t be taught! Fear of public speaking led to a great mentor, then to EIR at MIT, £20.4 MIllion and other pitch win(s), a TEDx talk on Confidence, 100’s of books that went deep, thanks Viktor & Nancy… I know what I am now – Coach Thor. I know what I do – energise leaders to make sure they express with creative freedom to craft/sell their ideas (some bridle at, ‘leader’ ? This is not about titles…anyone who makes a choice to develop themselves, leads).

So many choices, chances and people go into making you what you become, yet one thing I know for sure; there’s nothing quite like listening to someone as they describe their own life, career, or business journey, then help them craft their experience, choices and challenges in value producing stories, key messages, and value proposition to step into their next chapter. Thanks for listening.”

Thor Holt, February 12th 2020



From years of coaching experience, Thor Holt and his team have developed the innovative ENERPRES® Coaching Program. The ‘Ener’ in EnerPres® stands for Energy. As a leader or potential leader, your personal energy is what delivers results, draws people to you and enables you to make an impact. The, ‘Pres’ in EnerPres® stands for, Presenter. This represents the fact that communication is a key to leadership; from the self talk and personal story you are constantly either building up, reinforcing, or breaking down, to the key messages you share with your team, colleagues and key stakeholders.

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