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Critical business pitch, town hall session, industry event, or investment requirement, and you want to win? EnerPres® Presenter Coaching can help.

From initial creative brainstorming, crafting a commercially effective pitch, presentation or industry speech, disciplined rehearsal practise and powerful, confident final delivery, this coaching will maximise your chance of winning your Purchase Order, landing your message, or gaining investment.

Whatever your reasons for requiring a coach in your corner – Need to improve your presentation skills? Need to pitch with confidence? Need help with career Interviews? Need to create a winning script for business strategy? Need to improve your corporate storytelling? Need a coach who’s at the other end of the phone? Need to practice speaking at conferences? Need to build personal confidence? Need Investment? – Speak to Thor today in a free 30-min discovery session to determine if Thor is right for you?


“Being a business leader is lonely. Your teams expect you to be ‘always on’, but it’s not always that simple. Having Thor in your corner makes a huge difference. Could not recommend Thor highly enough. Thank you Thor.”

“Thor’s awesome. MIT teams can’t say enough about him. Those who have had the opportunity to work with him have said it has been some of the best time they could have spent with any individual.”

“Thor has huge energy and insight and with his support we created the presentation that won us our largest contract ever! (£20.4 Million) His input was thought provoking and challenging and at the same time helped build my confidence. I learned a huge amount and to top it off, it was fantastic fun. Thanks Thor.”

“I undertook coaching with Thor for a number of reasons. I was keen to continue my self-development; to help prepare me for senior management applications; and finally i wanted a third party to provide a different perspective to any business related challenges I was facing. I achieved all of these with Thor. I have been successful in finding a senior level post with a large global organisation. “

“Thor’s coaching has been excellent. His style allows wide ranging conversations with effective tips, prompts, challenges, and thought provoking sessions. No nonsense approach: high impact with quick results.”

“My CV gold mining session with Thor was useful and thought provoking. Thor’s approach challenges you as an individual and gets you to move on from the easy relaxed chat; this is a full hands-on working session! He deconstructs your experiences in a way that delivers valuable insight and renewed interest. His practical suggestions enable you to gain confidence about retelling your experiences, and he guides you to be able to explain your career choices, drivers and achievements with impact and meaning. Also, his technique helps prepare you to have more control during interviews and better influence the outcome. Thor is a charismatic, to the point individual that speaks his mind and enjoys being interested in people. CV gold mining is worthwhile and rewarding; a great first step to finding that new role. Thanks Thor!”

“I have had both the privilege and the pleasure to work with Thor a number of times over the last 12-18 months in his capacity as a public speaking coach. I was incredibly impressed by Thor’s subject matter expertise and more so his ability to convey and deliver this value. His sessions are considered, well-structured and very engaging. The quality of Thor’s sessions are consistently of a very high standard. This, coupled with his high degree of interpersonal skills, overall work ethic and visible enthusiasm for his subject matter and drive to add value is a rare and powerful combination of skills and personal qualities.”

“Thor has transformed the way I approach and deliver presentations and public speaking. He gets right into the guts of what you need to do, works on solutions and demands more than you thought possible. The systematic work, challenging feedback and constant support was worthwhile as I confidently presented for 20 minutes with no notes and no bullet point slides. I never thought this would be possible at the start of the journey and would recommend anyone to go on this journey with Thor.”

“Thor’s direct and challenging questions helped me to conceive, develop and drive home the key message of my presentation. Alongside being able to deliver and reiterate my key message to the audience, he challenged me to look at dynamic and innovative ways to do so, looking at the different angles I could take to make sure that the key listeners took away exactly what I wanted them to. I’ve had previous presentation training in the past but Thor’s service was entirely unique, forcing you to think outside of the box and looking at the deeper meaning behind what you want to achieve.”

“Thor, Your edits are amazing and I agree with all of the points. Definitely makes it more engaging and once I read through it, the first point that popped into my head is “it’s a much better speech than it was before”.

“Thor provides keen insight into creating and delivering a message that is palatable to an intended audience. His experience and passion enable him to identify practical strategies that will increase the ‘power’ of your message. He excels in helping customise your presentation for your intended audience, fine-tuning your professional style, and polishing your delivery to ensure your message is impactful and has lasting positive results.”


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