Leaders with a Coach have 84% more
energy than those without*


Meet Thor

Thor is an investor, founder and coach with a track record of coaching individuals and teams to increased confidence and attendant commercial results. A previous regular workshop leader at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Boston, where he assisted entrepreneurial teams with their pitching and presenting. In August 2013 he was awarded the rare honour of being invited to become an ‘Entrepreneur In Residence’ at the technology and engineering hub. 

Thor is also a regular volunteer mental health counsellor for One to One Counselling in Aberdeenshire and has a determination to make sure all his clients become the freest and most confident version of themselves. He thrives on bringing hard pressed owners, managers and tired teams back into their best, energetic game winning form!

Current Client Projects

  • Working with MD to land £3.75 million investment for his energy service business
  • Working with senior energy industry exec to land him a prime MD role
  • Working with a Fintech founder helping him get back in the game, and win investment
  • Working with software MD/Founder and team to build a company pitch deck
  • Working with an energy service business team to pitch for a £96k contract.
  • Working with 20+ start-up businesses on their value proposition and pitching
  • Assisting owners acquisitions in various sectors
  • Thor is an investor and advisor to a technical innovation startup



From years of coaching experience, Thor Holt and his team have developed the innovative ENERPRES® Coaching Program. The ‘Ener’ in EnerPres® stands for Energy. As a leader or potential leader, your personal energy is what delivers results, draws people to you and enables you to make an impact. The, ‘Pres’ in EnerPres® stands for, Presenter. This represents the fact that communication is a key to leadership; from the self talk and personal story you are constantly either building up, reinforcing, or breaking down, to the key messages you share with your team, colleagues and key stakeholders.

Discover more about our ENERPRES® Coaching Program.

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