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How to turn life lemons into interview wins

Thor Talks: You Can Use Your Awful Current Day Reality – even Corona Virus – To Create Future Wins. 

Have you heard the one about the comedian who comes home to find all his clothes in trash bags outside his house? His wife meets him at the door and hands him the last of his stuff, “I’ve been having an affair, he’s younger, better looking, oh and he’s funnier than you!” 

So, the comedian goes off, and while sitting under a bridge he has a light bulb moment, “This is great, what a wonderful funny story this is going to make!” A year later he sells out Wembley stadium and his gorgeous new young wife is in the VIP area to see him bring the house down!  

This is what we call, ‘Comedian Upcycling’, and we’ve used it to turn even truly tragic or awful situations to my clients advantage; Central American kidnapping, being held at gunpoint, and being unfairly dismissed are all tough situations we’ve built into powerful positive and valuable stories to help clients win new roles, impressing at interview. 

How should you be thinking and acting right now in the face of the corona-virus economic storm so that you’ll be able to tell a genuine yet powerful positive story for the sake of your future opportunities? Try our free 30-minute ‘coaching appraisal’ to find out which service may be best suited to you. With no obligation to commit to further coaching, what have you got to lose?

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