Presentation Coaching

Presentation Coaching

Critical business pitch, town hall session, industry event, or investment requirement, and you want to win? EnerPres® Presenter Coaching can help.

From initial creative brainstorming, crafting a commercially effective pitch, presentation or industry speech, disciplined rehearsal practise and powerful, confident final delivery, this coaching will maximise your chance of winning your Purchase Order, landing your message, or gaining investment.

Whatever your reasons for requiring a coach in your corner – Need to improve your presentation skills? Need to pitch with confidence? Need help with career Interviews? Need to create a winning script for business strategy? Need to improve your corporate storytelling? Need a coach who’s at the other end of the phone? Need to practice speaking at conferences? Need to build personal confidence? Need Investment? – Speak to Thor today in a free 30-min discovery session to determine if Thor is right for you?

Fear Pitching/Presenting?

Clients that struggle with ‘Pitching’ and ‘Presenting’ work with Thor to develop their skills and build confidence to become a more capable speaker.

Even the most confident individual struggles with pitching and presenting, because it’s not something we typically do day-to-day. And when we’re being coached by friends or family to improve ‘delivery’, it often makes the situation worse and conflict ensues. We all need objectivity and the right coach to learn with. This ensures we can fail in a safe environment, before rising again to continually hone the message, delivery and impact of our presentation.

Thor recently worked with a Legal Professional with a strong fear of public speaking due to previous ‘choke’ experience. However, her job required presentations for business development and leadership. Thor coached her over 3, two-hour sessions to develop her own presentation style. The result? Client was voted, ‘highest-rated speaker’ by the audience, at a high profile industry event. Now actively looking for presenting opportunities.

Skills Thor will bring to your ‘Fear of Presentation’ situation: Safe Coaching environment to develop your voice; A Coach who helps you understand what your audience needs to hear; Help crafting your presentation to ensure it’s concise, punchy and is delivered with impact; Developing your stage presence using the same techniques as a trained actor to ensure you thrive.

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