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Exiting Your Business?

Clients work with Thor when a business owner has decided it’s time for a change in business ownership.

A successful business owner pours their heart and soul into their business, often at the expense of family-time, personal relationships, and even their physical health. Thor and his extended team have a huge respect for the sacrifices made for the good of the business, and that’s why we take huge satisfaction in helping business owners when they decide it’s time for change.

Thor recently worked with an Owner/MD who had started to get restless after more than a decade of successfully building his business. We created a bespoke one-day brainstorming retreat for him in the peaceful setting of a riverside stately mansion. Thor acted as a neutral sounding board and challenger, which prevented forced dichotomy thinking, and opened up test pathways for multiple fresh future career and life ‘bridge’ scenarios. The result? Thor’s client developed a clear exit plan that not only delivered a substantial financial exit to the owner, but which also facilitated a Management Buy-Out (MBO), which ensured the business would be continued by former employees who had helped contribute to the successful growth of the business.

Skills Thor will bring to your ‘Exiting Business’ situation: Develop an exit plan with the owner; Help maximise the business value (introducing Accountants and Investment specialists); Source and engage with potential investors on the owners behalf; Help the business owner transition to their next phase.



If you are a Manager with team challenges or perhaps you are a business owner and are wondering how to retire or wind down gracefully?

Our retreats provide facilitated thinking/neutral challenge sessions and bespoke away-days in unique Scottish and other global locations, in order to help you find clarity on the best way ahead for you, your team or business.

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