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Need a Capital Injection?

Clients who require ‘Investment’ often turn to Thor for help to create a winning pitch, source the right investors, and secure the necessary investment.

Many businesses will require investment at some stage and many investors require more sound opportuniies to invest. It’s a symbiotic relationship, and by starting with this understanding it makes the whole task seem so much easier, because it feels more equitable. The Investor needs me, as much as I need them.

Thor recently worked with the founder of a Tech start-up who required fifty thousand pounds of working capital to take their technology product to the next stage of development, a working prototype. Thor worked with the founder to produce an effective pitch, which was delivered ‘over curry’ with a private equity contact. The result? The founder secured capital investment of exactly fifty thousand pounds, with the money entering their bank account within 7 days!

Skills Thor will bring to your need for ‘Investment’ situation: Understanding your USP’s and differentiators; Understanding your market and finding your position in it; Extracting key elements of your Business Plan to the Pitch Slidedeck; Building a Slidedeck and Investment pitch that quickly answers the Investors questions (What is my ROI? When will I receive it? What is the risk?); Holding your hand until the money is in the bank.



If you’re frustrated because you know you should be achieving more with your life and career, or you have a business idea but aren’t sure how to proceed.

Hosted by Thor, with guest tutors from business, private equity investment and cultural entrepreneurs this closed-door community will hold you accountable for living up to your potential.

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