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Stuck Executive?

Executive Clients work with Thor when they feel their career has stalled and they’re lacking the drive and focus to smash through the obstacles.

A successful executive is only as good as the organisation they work within, and the structures and opportunities that are afforded to them. This can bring frustration and anxiety as the ‘exec’ is knocking the ball out the park – but not getting the reward and recognition they need.

Thor recently worked with a ‘Middle Manager’ in a global Energy business who felt “stuck”, “lacking clarity” and “demotivated by poor senior leadership”. They were becoming anxious while trying to decide whether to stay, find a new role or even build their own enterprise. Thor coached the client to find clarity of life purpose, which then allowed them to decide on future direction with confidence. The result? A renewed ‘Exec’ with a firm plan of attack for the future, and a resilience to cope with the constraints of the current situation.

Skills Thor will bring to your ‘Stuck Executive’ situation: Envisage a future that resembles the Execs original aims; Develop an action plan to get there; Build resilience tactics and strategies; Build a business plan and strategy; Raise Investment to pursue the successful Execs own dreams.



Whether already at the top of your game, or limping around the field, your perspective may suffer.

EnerPres® Executive coaching holds you accountable for fresh levels of clarity, energy and communication, meaning you can operate at your highest level of performance. This is bespoke coaching co-designed after clarification of your development goals.

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