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In today’s blog i wanted to share some positive news that we’ve recently rebranded (ThorHolt), launched a new service range (ENERPRES®), and developed a shiny new website (thorholt.com). 

Introducing ENERPRES®

We’re delighted to announce that after 25 years of coaching experience, Thor Holt and his extended team have developed an innovative ENERPRES® Coaching Program. The ‘Ener’ in EnerPres® stands for Energy. As a leader or potential leader, your personal energy is what delivers results, draws people to you and enables you to make an impact. The, ‘Pres’ in EnerPres® stands for, Presenter. This represents the fact that communication is a key to leadership; from the self talk and personal story you are constantly either building up, reinforcing, or breaking down, to the key messages you share with your team, colleagues and key stakeholders. We would love to discuss our ENERPRES® Coaching Program with you because we know you’ll love the results we could generate together.

Re-brand of THOR HOLT

You just know when it’s time to freshen up. A new haircut, a beard, new clothes, even a new body shape – sometimes it feels time to refresh your own ‘personal brand’. A company is no different, and we felt that our old brand no longer accurately reflected the modern, dynamic approach Thor takes to Coaching. It was time for a refresh. Working with the fantastic Digital Marketing team led by John McHugh @ ADLANTIC, we created a brief that reflected our modern approach. A bold new logo (Montserrat Typeface); a new strap-line (‘Energising Leaders’ – we do exactly what it says on the tin); a modern but solid colour scheme (Blue & Orange); a new image style (large pictures all centred around energised ‘people’, just like our amazing clients). We love our new digital clothes, but we’d love to know your thoughts on our new brand. Good, bad or indifferent, please feel free to share.

New Website

But what use is a new ‘brand’ if you have no venue to wear it, and no one to show it off to? It was time for a new website and digital marketing strategy. Once again, working with the team @ ADLANTIC, we collaborated to build a modern, clean, mobile friendly website focused on communicating our modern coaching approach, and reviews from our coaching clients. Head over to our website for a test drive. If there’s anything you’d like to see – then who better to ask than you, our current or prospective client.

Thanks for listening to what we’ve been up to at thorholt.com, and remember we’re also in the business of coaching great results: career and interview wins for example. If you think you could benefit from any of our ENERPRES® coaching services, try our free 30-minute ‘coaching appraisal’ to find out which service may be best suited to you. With no obligation to commit to further coaching if it isn’t right for you, what have you got to lose?


Thor. Founder/Director.

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