You Will Get Through This



How do you stay cheerful in tough times, Thor?

Well, I reflect on one of my best friends, from when I was younger. She was a single mother, and when she was eighteen, her fiance was shot and killed during a conflict in Africa.

She went on to marry someone else and moved to his home country which was an authoritarian non-democratic Eastern European state. She and her young children lived for years with his family in one cramped war-damaged apartment, while it became increasingly evident that her husband was, let us just say, a bit of a James Bond character with the ladies!

So, this friend of mine eventually got out of that situation, managed to get back to the UK, set up her own business, ran it successfully, brought up two kids and just had some of the most amazing stories from all her challenges and travels, the people she met, and she learned (if memory serves me) eight languages!

This single mother, she was my Grandmother, Veronica, and when I’m going through any kind of tough situation, I look to her and her experiences to keep me grounded and remind me to take a long term historical perspective. This too will pass into our personal life story, and it will hopefully make quite a tale for my own grandchildren one day.

I wish you and your family good health in the current Corona situation, and I’ll speak to you later.


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